Croatia Airlines inks deal with music record label


Croatia Airlines has signed a cooperation agreement with an unlikely partner - a music record label. The deal between the carrier and Croatia Records (the successor to the Yugoslav-era Jugoton) is said to “provide numerous benefits to all their customers in the future, related to discounts when buying airline tickets, albums, vinyl records, books about music and other musical content”. Commenting on the new partnership, Croatia Airlines’ CEO, Jasmin Bajić, said, “I am very pleased that we have found a common business interest with the largest record label in Croatia and that today the cooperation between two recognisable Croatian brands - Croatia Records and Croatia Airlines - begins. As part of this agreement, through which we have defined the harmonisation of promotional activities, we will offer additional benefits to our customers. We will offer musicians and other users of Croatia Records’ services a discount on airline tickets, and at the same time our passengers have the opportunity to obtain certain discounts with Croatia Records. I believe that our cooperation will develop to the mutual satisfaction of both parties”. The head of Croatia Records, Želimir Babogredac, noted, “Our two big national brands will work together and do business all over the world. Technology works wonders, especially in music, so that not only airplanes and their passengers fly in the air today, but also hundreds of thousands of songs produced under the Jugoton and Croatia Records labels”.

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