Mareanie PokéMon Go

Mareanie PokéMon Go


Pokémon GO is one of the most popular games ever created.

Created by Niantic, the game debuted in July 2016 and quickly gained traction with both regular users and celebrities alike.

The unique part about this game is that players can hunt for virtual creatures without leaving home.

Essentially, GO incorporates real-life physical experiences with a gaming concept to create a unique gaming experience for players.

First, let's briefly discuss how players hunt for Pokémon in the first place.

Players open the app and search for locations where Pokémon typically reside.

Once they locate a Pokémon, they physically move closer to get a better look- this is called scanning.

After they scan the area, they will choose which Pokémon they want to capture and direct their capture move.

Players then press the button to successfully capture the Pokémon.

Alternatively, if they fail, they can try again until they succeed.

This is how players find new creatures to add to their collection.

While hunting for Pokémon, some users misbehave and act dangerously.

Some drivers stop at red lights just to catch a glimpse of a Pokémon in their vicinity.

They sometimes even park their cars so they can get closer to a Pokémon.

However, this behaviour often leads to accidents as drivers park too far away from Pokémon and attempt to capture them anyway.

Thankfully, several users have documented these dangerous situations on social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

This has led authorities to issue public advisories against playing Pokémon GO while driving and reminding players not to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of other substances.

To help educate new players on safe hunting techniques, several groups host Pokémon GO events in public spaces across the country.

During these events, professional trainers lead new players through lessons on how to play the game safely.

Each lesson consists of an interactive game that teaches new players how to safely play Pokémon GO before allowing them to join in the games themselves.

This helps demystify the game concept while also promoting safe play among new players.

Based on previous research on other popular games, such as League of Legends or Candy Crush, Niantic's first foray into augmented reality seems successful overall.

Many people now walk outside in pursuit of Pokémon- even children who previously never felt the need now feel compelled to seek out creatures in the wild.

That being said, there are still lessons learned from this game's first foray into real-world game mechanics that can help future creators develop successful games within a real-world environment that best suits that game's design goals and player expectations.

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